2015-16 semester

Another year and a fresh batch of devotees eager to learn how to please Krsna. Please visit our Facebook page to follow what’s happening.

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Arcana News

Arcana News

The December 2012 issue of Arcana News is now available for download as a pdf.

Srila Prabhupada stressed sadhana saying it is necessary for advancement in devotional service. This is no less important for pujaris. In a lecture Srila Prabhupäda says:

Without hearing, what he will do, nonsense? Sravanam kirtanam, this is our main business. Sravanam. If you don’t hear, what you will do? You will do simply sense gratification. That’s all. So this is difficulty, that we are not very much interested in hearing. And that is the main business. Our bhakti begins: sravanam visnu. We have to hear and we have to speak. But if we are not interested in hearing and speak, then it will be the same öhäkura-bari, simply formula. That’s all. And gradually it will be stopped. Unless there is life of sravanam kirtanam, these big, big buildings, temples, will become burden. So if we are, if we want to create burden for future, then we may give up this hearing and chanting and sleep very nicely. It will be burden. Galagraha. Not sri-vigraha, but galagraha. Galagraha. Sri-vigraha means worshipable deity. So if we give up this sravanam kirtanam visnu, then it will be thought that “Our Guru Maharaja has given a burden in the neck, galagraha.” This is the danger. So we must be very much alert in sravanam kirtanam. Otherwise all this labor will be futile. This building will be only the nest, nest for the doves and the pigeons. That is the danger. That is being done. Nobody is interested. Such, such things…

Mayapur, September 29, 1974

Here’s the latest video from Mayapur Academy showing how we make pure incense for offering to ISKCON’s Deities.

To order this outstanding incense contact gaurangasimha@gmail.com

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Nrsimha Kavaca dasa

MA Cart

Our student, Kamala Murti DD, is showing Gandharaj pure incense at our festival cart…

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Mayapur Academy Cart

Mayapur Academy has a cart across from the Mayapur Chandrodaya Mandir during the Gaura Purnima festival. This morning we see our Gauranga Simha dasa showing some pure incense made at Mayapur Academy and other items to devotees.

Deity Worship questions and answers (with Russian translation) – Jananivasa Prabhu: 22nd and 23rd   Feb. 10am to 12pm (classroom 1 of Mayapur Institute) and 24th Feb. from 10am to 12pm (room 3 of Mayapur Academy)

• Samskaras – Ananda Tirtha Prabhu: 24th Feb. from 4pm to 6pm (room 3)

• Flower Arranging – Stuti Mataji: 25th Feb. from 4pm to 6pm (room3)

• Tulasi Care and Worship – Syamesvari Mataji: 5th March to 7th March from 4pm to 6pm (room3)

• Italian and South Indian cooking – Rasesvari Mataji: 4th March to 6th March from 9.30am to 2pm (room 4)

• Vaisnava Acaman and Arati – Jananivasa Prabhu and Jayananda Prabhu: 4th March from 10am to 1pm (room 3)

• Turban Making – Kurma Caitanya Prabhu: 5th March to 7th March from 10.30am to 1pm (room 1)

To register for these courses, please contact Mayapur Academy, 2nd floor Caitanya Bhavan, ph: 03472245344

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